About Us

                                Supr Pack - Vision & Mission!

Supr Pack is on a mission to enable the need for growing custom packaging solutions all around the world. Every compostable packaging, we offer is made to fit your branding needs which means, your brand will always be at the forefront with a green promise to your customers and the environment. For the future to look green, all our efforts are directed to provide custom packaging solutions that cater to every business, industry and individual alike. All our products are compostable, sustainable, eco-friendly & certified.

Supr Pack - Our Story

Supr Pack in a nutshell supplies high-quality, affordable, customized 100% compostable shipping and mailer bags with different sizes & colour choices, bubble mailers, custom stickers, custom cards & custom tissue paper & custom tags. Order starts from as low as 20 units.

Our story is rather simple. Supr Pack was founded by two friends who left their corporate jobs to start a company that would focus on manufacturing eco-friendly & sustainable packaging products.

In our research, not surprisingly, we found that with the increase in e-commerce and trade globalization, there were huge amounts of plastic waste generated and most of them ended up in landfills and would take years to decompose. In order to solve this problem, we sorted to using materials that would decompose without leaving a residue. We finally concluded that we would use corn-starch to manufacture eco-friendly, sustainable compostable bags that would decompose within 6-8 months.

Why Supr Pack is the best compostable bag in the market?

We manufacture Supr Packs in our own facility, ensuring we offer you the best quality at the lowest prices (including the shipping charges). Not only that, but we can also help you in custom clearances & doorstep deliveries in AU & NZ.

We are happy to extend our in-house design support at no additional cost for personalized Supr Pack orders. We ensure to give you the best of design & quality.

All our products meet global certification standards including American standard ASTM D6400, European Standard EN13432 & Australian Standard AS4736.

Supr Packs For All

Our aim is to reach out to businesses from e-commerce to multichannel, shipping to textile & retail industry or brands who are looking to increase their green footprint and give them the best price and super quality for their shipping packages.

As part of that services we have introduced a new category of customized products:

  • Custom Bubble Mailers – Available in white color making it easy to print your logo and brand it. MOQ – 20 mailers.
  • Compostable Mailer Bags – These are of different sizes and colours – White, Pink, and Black. MOQ – 50 mailers
  • Custom Tissues – Allowing you to easily wrap your products while branding them. Our white and colored background custom tissues are easy to customize. MOQ – 100 sheets.
  • White and kraft paper Tags and Cards – This will help you to promote your business better and further while taking care of the planet. MOQ – 25 tags/cards.
  • Custom Stickers - Any business and industry can benefit from the stickers. Our stickers are fully biodegradable made of either Kraft or White paper. MOQ – 25 tags/cards.

Our effort to have a cleaner and better environment continue and we are eager to join hands with like-minded businesses. 

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In future, we are looking to diversify our product range and offer eco-friendly products for everyday use.

Know all about Supr Pack!

  • Own Manufacturing (Best prices in the market)
  • Low minimum order quantity
  • 100% home compostable
  • Biodegradable (In just 6-8 months)
  • Durable (I’m strong, hold up to 10kg of weight)
  • Waterproof
  • Reuse Me (Double adhesive)
  • Made of corn-starch (Good for the environment)
  • Eco friendly (Green thoughts)
  • Customize Me with personalized branding
  • Global standard certificated