Replace plastic mailers with Supr Pack’s eco-friendly custom compostable mailers. Our custom print mailers and kraft paper mailers come in small batches and one can reduce the environmental impact with their consistent usage. Durability of this mailer ensures that your products reach customers safely and securely!  
    Custom mailers comprise of 20-30% PLA (cornstarch) and 70-80% PBAT (an entirely compostable Co-Polymer) while Kraft Paper Mailers are made of FSC certified, Recycled & Recyclable paper. These mailers can be decomposed at-home compost bin or in a composting facility and returned to the earth as nutrient-rich soil, unlike regular plastic mailers.
    These custom compostable mailers are strong enough to endure the rigors of shipping while yet being environmentally safe as it has a shelf life of up to 12 months.  Our mailers are simple to use, versatile, and comes in different sizes to fit on your packaging and shipping need. Moreover, it has a self-sealing adhesive which make it extremely useful aid in packaging.
    These Custom Mailers with logos (you may print or customise) are opaque and available in different colors, they are sturdy, writable, waterproof, and have a premium matte finish look. They can be used ideally for shipping garments, shoes, stationaries, or others etc.
    Order a minimum quantity of 10 mailers and lessen the impact on the environment aiming a greener future.