Compostable Stock Ribbon - An Impeccable and Sustainable choice of Packaging

    At Supr Pack, we believe in the sheer magic of environmentally friendly packaging. Our compostable ribbons empower you to glorify your packaging experience, and surprising your customer with enchantable unboxing experience, while staying grounded with the purpose of sustainability.
    Our exquisite and versatile ribbon is idle for tying gifts, stationery, skincare products, floral arrangements, fashion accessories etc. We assure our quality ribbon will let your stuff look exclusive and luxurious.
    Our premium compostable Stock Ribbons come in thirteen vibrant hues to match your taste and preference. It consists of wood fibre hence completely compostable. Explore our wide range of ribbon with appealing hues that will perfectly match with your brand!
    Not only this, but Our ribbon also comes in four different sizes in 9mm, 16mm, 19mm & 25mm widths and 100 yards length making it more versatile for packaging.
    Adhering to the norm of sustainability and with a motto to attain carbon neutrality, we pledge to a greener and secure future for coming generation!
    Come and together let us make difference in our journey towards sustainability!