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  • Lead Time: Total 15 Working Days (Production & Delivery)
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Boost your brand’s presence with Supr Pack’s custom ribbon in logo 1 color. Choose a sustainable ribbon with an aesthetic base with your brand logo imprinted in one color. 

Order a minimum 2 custom printed ribbon rolls & let your customers be reintroduced to your brand to every tie. 

Supr+ : Wholesale pricing starts from 100 rolls. Contact us at for the quotation.

Top Features of Custom Ribbon:

  • Single Base Color - Complement your brand identity with different base colors customized with your logo ribbon in one color.
  • Versatile Lengths and Width - Get Supr Pack’s custom ribbon with logo in 91mm length and 3 different width types i.e., 9mm, 16mm, 19mm and 25mm. 
  • Sustainable Style - The personalized ribbons are anti-bacterial, skin-friendly, sustainable, industrial compostable, eco-friendly, and customized using water/soy-based ink.
  • Material - Supr Pack’s personalized ribbon is made from wood fiber.

Corporate Gifting

Add a personalized professional touch to your product packaging for corporate clients.

New Product Launches

Announce your new products and make them memorable with Supr Pack’s custom-printed ribbon in one color. 

Special Events

Create a sense of exclusivity on special events by enhancing product packaging. 

Interactive Packaging

Create a bow and let your customers unfold to discover discount codes or additional information.

  • Front side print with single color.
  • Any kind of logo size, spaces between logos and designs can be done.
  • In online cutsomization, kindly upload your designs considering a 1mm bleed on either side of the ribbon.
  • Printing Color Disclaimer: The printing color of physical products may change from what you see on digital monitors due to the wide range of screen and browser variances. Furthermore, Due to variations in printing limitations on a sustainable material, colors may appear somewhat different.
  • Printing Alignment Disclaimer: Since products are printed by hand, minor variations in the design's placement are allowed and do not indicate a damaged product.
  • Order Suggestion: We advise you to buy the first order at the lowest MOQ.

Sustainability Specs

Industrial Compostable

How to Compost?

Remove all the stickers and labels (or any sticky item if present) on the Compostable Ribbon & put it in Industry Compost Bin


Eco-friendly Ribbons are made from wood Fibre

Printing colors

Compostable Ribbons use Water/Soy-Based for customizations.

Carbon Neutral Shipping

Supr Pack uses carbon neutral shipping to offset shipping emissions created during order fulfillment.

  • Free Standard Shipping for Custom Ribbons will be done with in 15 working days in total (production & delivery).
  • 15 working days will be counted from the date of mock-up approval over email.
  • Read the complete shipping Policy here

Are Custom Ribbons Compostable?

Yes (Industrial compostable)! Supr Pack’s Custom & Stock Ribbons are wood fiber. They use soy-based ink for customization and color and are skin friendly and anti-bacterial. All these properties make Supr Pack’s Ribbons compost friendly.

How are Supr Custom Ribbons Printed?

Supr Pack doesn’t compromise when it comes to quality, thus, we only choose the best practices in the industry. Custom ribbons are printed with Offset Printing with utmost precision and care to bring the best out of your ribbons packaging.

What are the different sizes and thicknesses available in Custom Ribbons?

You can have your Custom compostable Ribbon in four different sizes/widths:

Dimensions: 9mm x 91m 

Dimensions: 16mm x 91m

Dimensions: 19mm x 91m

Dimensions: 25mm x 91m 

Our Compostable Ribbon is 0.22mm thick and comes nicely bundled so you can quickly roll it back out without becoming tangled.

How many colors can be printed?

Supr Pack allows its customers to customize their ribbons in 1 color or 2 colors with 13 vibrant background colors to choose from.



Discover Supr Pack's Custom Ribbons, crafted from premium wood fiber for eco-conscious elegance. Skin-friendly and anti-bacterial, they boast stable soy-based colors for lasting vibrancy. Sustainable and industrially compostable, our ribbons redefine style with a conscience.

Made of

Wood Fiber

Supr Pack's Custom Ribbons, crafted from compostable wood fiber. Add a touch of natural elegance to your products while reducing your ecological footprint. Choose Supr Pack's Custom Ribbons for an environmentally conscious packaging solution.



From adorning product packaging to enhancing corporate gifts, our ribbons offer a versatile solution to elevate your brand image. Perfect for special events, promotions, or simply adding a personalized touch to your products, our custom ribbons are crafted to reflect your unique identity.



Supr Pack's Custom Ribbons, where creativity knows no bounds. From logo printing to intricate patterns, expressive texts to charming doodles, our ribbons offer a canvas for your imagination. With Supr Pack, your vision becomes reality –beautifully wrapped and perfectly presented.

Synthetic Vs


Supr Pack's Ribbons will always emerge as undeniable victors when compared to synthetic Ribbon. Matte finish with premium quality makes Compostable ribbon way more Eco-friendly than Synthetic Ribbons in the market.



At Supr Pack, an unwavering commitment to sustainability and the environment drives our ethos. We meticulously select sustainably sourced materials to create packaging that’s Eco-friendly, Recyclable, Compostable, FSC Certified, Acid-Free, and customized with soy-based ink, all while embodying a conscientious dedication to our planet.



Supr Pack manufactures all its products in its facility in Asia which ensures strict compliance with quality and precise control over even the smallest of details.



Supr Pack offers small batch customizations for its eco-friendly packaging, which enables all types of businesses and industries boost their brand.



Supr Pack is known for its quality products that are Internationally Certified, Eco-Friendly, Compostable, Durable and Water Resistant keeping your products protected.



Connect with us for custom design, editing, bulk order quotations & more.



Not just Free Shipping for all orders, Supr Pack’s new initiative towards the environment enables us to provide Carbon Neutral Shipping to its customers without any extra costs.

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