Unlock the bliss of sustainable packaging with our compostable padded mailers. These fantastically sturdy mailers ensure safe transit and secure delivery of your products. We at, Supr Pack provide two types of padded mailers- hex padded mailers and bubble padded mailers. Our padded mailers are available in different materials (Kraft & White Paper) and different sizes, idle for packing glassware, bottles, skincare, cosmetics, home décor, and other fragile items. 
    These padded eco-friendly mailers are crafted with acid-free, recycled paper and come with a premium matte finish and an inner layer of padding which ensures maximum protection, especially for delicate items.
    Our Padded Mailers are Sturdy, writable, FSC Certified Paper, and compostable. Our bubble mailers have an inner layering of biodegradable corn starch and a compostable co-polymer whereas our hex mailers have an inner layering of hex padding.
    Our custom-printed bubble mailers and hex-padded mailers can be customized easily with the help of soy-based ink to enhance the branding experience for customers. Our padded mailers are manufactured mind-fully with the intent to protect your products and the environment at the same time.
    Order a minimum quantity of 20 padded bubble mailers and lay a remarkable foundation for a sustainable future!