Exquisite sustainable packaging with sturdy and eco-friendly bubble mailers!

    Sustainable shipping packaging helps in manifolds, it is cost-effective, environment friendly, sturdy, and durable, and perfect option to other forms of packaging. This packaging is eco-friendly as it reduces carbon footprints; packaging materials are made up of materials which usually recycled, non-toxic, chemical, and synthetic free, which also conserve energy and resources.

    At times businesses are worried and hesitant about shipping of fragile items and they compromise by shipping them in ordinary mailers, but here heavy-duty mailers come into picture, be it bubble mailers or bubble hex mailer or hex padded mailers. Our sturdy and high tear resistant packaging solution will never let you to compromise in anything, our bubble mailers will ensure sheer safety of your shipment. Durability is the competitive advantage of our mailers, they are designed after thorough research and looking into the need of businesses and satisfaction of end users. Our bubble mailers are high-performance aid, which gives extra toughness and superb product protection.

    Our solutions are simple to use and we focus on cost-effectiveness too; hence our bubble mailer shipping cost is economical. Available in three different colors and two different size our personalized bubble mailers are compostable and recyclable making it an apt option for product packaging. Personalization improves your brand’s image as it gives recognition, personalized/customized packaging is simplest way to facilitate branding without putting much of efforts and resources. Customization with Supr Pack’s packaging solutions is very handy! Like you can get your brand’s logo customized on the front of the bubble mailer with the help of soy-based ink (non-toxic ink).

    Supr Pack’s boasts of serving the best quality but Cheap bubble mailers that are made up of FSC-certified kraft paper and an inner padded layer of 70-80% PBAT and 20-30% of PLA (biodegradable corn starch). These mailers are quite versatile it can be re-used to many other purposes like covers and wraps, DIY cushioning materials, bags etc. Our stock bubble mailer is white in color and is available in two sizes to suit your packaging needs, moreover, our bubble mailers come with double adhesive strip so that it can be used again. So, if you are looking for something durable, water-proof, and non-transparent than Supr Pack’s white stock bubble mailer is ideal choice.  

    Carbon emissions have grave effects in the environment like depletion of ozone layers and poor air quality etc, hence businesses and individuals must adopt sustainable packaging and contribute in saving our environment. Environmentally friendly packaging leaves a good impression of your products in the mind of consumer as it reflects your concern and care about sustainability and responsibility, also your consumer may feel very positive about the same and want to be loyal towards your brand. This resonance may help you in increase of your sales and brand recognition, they even can refer your products to others. So, undoubtedly sustainable packaging is helping you to stand apart from others in a crowd!

    Go green with our plant-based packaging solutions! Please check out our other shipping products and offerings for hassle free packaging experience.