Top 4 Hot Selling Packaging Products for Fashion Brands

Supr Pack today thought, let's help our customers think outside the box😅So, we decided to discuss some packaging solutions that fashion brands can opt for. Before disclosing those, we want you to understand the fonts, colors, and textures must be the same. So, no matter which type of packaging solution you ever choose for your brand. Don't forget the brand identity should remain constant. Then, only people tend to remember you. Recognize you as a brand. This will help you in the upcoming years. We, Supr Pack, are a renowned compostable packaging solution brand working towards a mission to make the Earth safe. A few years ago, we noticed the harmful effects of packaging on our beloved Mother Earth. At that moment, we dug into the research and developed compostable packaging. So, no more talking. Let's jump on to introducing 4 packaging solutions for fashion brands, and those are not boxes. 

1. Custom Printed Shopping Bags

The shopping bags are multi-purposed. They don't restrict carrying any new stuff. When customized, they attract a larger audience, which plays the role of a promotional product. There is a need to showcase brand-related information. So, Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags are usable and functional, reminding you about a brand. Whenever your customers use them, they get to build a brand. Moreover, one custom-printed shopping bag captures thousands of impressions. 

2. Custom Garment Bags

 If you sell through an online store, then reduce your operating expenses. In the fashion world, packaging and branding are two key aspects that are crucial in grabbing customers' attention. These Compostable Garment Bags protect the garments and become a strong branding tool. 

3. Eco-Friendly Custom Ziplock Bags

Fashion brands, especially jewelry businesses, can choose custom ziplock bags for their packaging rather than a jewelry box. This will showcase your care towards saving Mother Earth while making your packaging attractive. Further, reusable Ziploc bags can be used to store different products, such as food items. 

4. Eco-Friendly Custom Glassine Bags

The Eco-Friendly Custom Glassine Bags are pH-neutral, moisture-resistant, acid-free, and grease-free. They are a great alternative to plastic packaging. The glassine bags have a touch of elegance and exclusiveness, making them an ideal packaging material for fashion brands. 

So, the above are the 4 packaging alternatives to boxes. You can pick the ideal packaging solution and see a significant difference in your overall cost. Now, let's understand how customizing the above 4 packaging solutions will make a difference for your brand. 

  1. An Elegant Brand Experience - Customized packaging works like a great marketing tool. It can communicate a brand story and a different personality style. You get to make an impactful impression on customers. 
  2. Customer Loyalty - A unique and consistent brand packaging helps customers remember your brand. Whenever a customer can easily connect with a brand, an emotional level is established between the customer and the brand. 
  3. Communication Efficiency - Customized branding will help you deliver a consistent message. With a strong brand identity, it becomes easy for businesses to target the market strategically. 
  4. Increased Perceived Value - You can build a strong brand by positioning your brand via premium customized packaging. Through unique style values, you can appeal to customers just with your customized product packaging. 
  5. Sense of Trust - Consistent brand packaging across different materials and platforms helps build trust with the audience. A well-established brand will depict a professional image, boosting confidence amongst customers. 

The Concluding Lines!

If you see packaging through shopper psychology, then with the packaging, it becomes easy to foster brand recall value. The tactile and visual packaging elements will give rise to different emotional responses. The Customized compostable packaging will shape customers' attitudes and expectations. Customized branding extends a great branded experience for your customers, making their unboxing experience memorable.