Revolutionize your eco-friendly packaging experience with Compostable Custom Tape

Supr Pack’s eco-friendly tape offers not just security but also enchantable unboxing experience and end-users’ satisfaction. Tape being one of the important eco-friendly packaging materials transcends conventional utility.

Tailored to meet diverse packaging needs, it ensures packages are sealed with precision and style. Beyond functionality, our tape fosters brand recognition and engagement. From sealing parcels to enhancing brand visibility!

Ensure the security of your packages with Supr Pack's custom packing tape, which are available in two exceptional types: self-adhesive tape and water-activated tape. For a tamper-evident seal and robust security, opt for our packaging tape. These pressure-sensitive tapes boast a remarkable capacity, securing packages up to 10kg weight. Customizable with any message or design in a single color, water-activated tape fosters a strong bond with both customers and the environment.

Delve into the distinctive features of our branded packing tape, which is crafted from FSC-certified, recycled material, it boasts eco-friendly and non-toxic adhesion. Making it an indispensable aid of sustainable packaging.

Seal your product packaging, shipping boxes, and ensure safe transit for perishable items with Supr Pack's custom packing tape. The non-toxic adhesive of our branded packaging tape adds an extra layer of efficiency, enhancing the protection of industrial products during transit.

Supr Pack's Tape delivers reliability and aesthetic appeal. Join us in redefining packaging standards, where functionality meets creativity!