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Custom Eco-friendly Water Activated Tape - MOQ 5 Rolls

  • Lead Time: Total 3 Weeks (Production & Delivery)
Paper Type
Roll Quantity
Regular price$115.00
Shipping Included.
Size: 5 cm width & 50 meters length
Compostable shipping Labels

Give your packages a tamper-evident seal and security with Supr Pack’s water-activated custom packaging tape. These sturdy tapes can hold up to packages weighing 20kg and can be customized with any message or design in a single color. 

Choose water-activated custom packaging tape, forming a strong bond with your customers and the environment. 

Supr+ : Wholesale pricing starts from 250 rolls. Contact us at for the quotation.

    Dive into the Distinctive Features:

    • Paper Power - Supr Pack’s custom printed tape is FSC-certified, recycled material, and eco-friendly with non-toxic adhesion. 
    • Branding Brilliance - The custom packaging tape with a logo can be customized with any message or design in one color. 
    • Supr Quality - The custom shipping tape is tamper-proof, durable, and strong to secure the packages. 
    • Variants - Supr Pack’s water-activated printed tape comes in white and kraft paper.
    • Supr Size - The branded packaging tape is 5cm x 50m. 

    Product Packaging

    Seal the boxes to ship the products containing all the valuable and delicate items. 

    Safe Shipping

    Give a tamper-evident closure to the boxes to enhance the security of the shipped products.

    Safe for Perishable Items

    Give a tamper-resistant closure to ensure the integrity of perishable goods. 

    Efficient Sealing

    Supr Pack’s custom packaging tape with logo has a non-toxic adhesive that enhances industrial products' protection.

    • Printing is available with one color only. 
    • Any kind of logo size, spaces between logos and designs can be done.
    • Background colors are not allowed; only single-color logo/design/Text are printable.
    • Kindly upload your designs considering a 0.5mm bleed on either side of the tape.
    • In case of a seamless pattern/design kindly upload the design to fit the 40cmx5cm dimension. This means that your logo will be repeated after every 40cm.
    • Printing Color Disclaimer: The printing color of physical products may change from what you see on digital monitors due to the wide range of screen and browser variances. Furthermore, Due to variations in printing limitations on a sustainable material, colors may appear somewhat different.
    • Printing Alignment Disclaimer: Since products are printed by hand, minor variations in the design's placement are allowed and do not indicate a damaged product.
    • Order Suggestion: We advise you to buy the first order at the lowest MOQ.

    Sustainability Mechanism


    How to Compost:

    Remove the Custom Tape from any surface and drop it in the Recyclable Bin.


    Custom Water Activated Tapes are made from FSC Certified, Acid-Free & Recycled Paper.

    Printing color

    Water Activated Tape uses water/soy-based printing inks for Customizations.

    Carbon Neutral Shipping

    Supr Pack uses carbon neutral shipping to offset shipping emissions created during order fulfillment.

    • Free Standard Shipping for Custom Water Activated Tape will be done within 3 Weeks (including production and dispatch).
    • 3 Weeks will be counted from the day of Mockup Approval
    • Pick-up is not available.
    • Read the complete Shipping Policy here.


    Explore Supr Pack's Recyclable & Eco-friendly Water-Activated Tape, crafted with zero waste thoughts. With customizable soy-based ink, it's an eco-friendly option for your business. 

    Elevate your brand identity with personalized tape, demonstrating your dedication to sustainability while ensuring package security. Join the movement towards greener packaging solution now!



    Supr Pack's custom Water Activated Tapes don't compromise in any aspect, be it looks or sturdiness. Even Water cannot budge its colors. Absolute Style mixed with strong adhesive.



    Upgrade your packaging with Supr Pack's Custom Water Activated Tape. Tailor it with your preferred color, pattern, or logo design to generate a branded unboxing experience. 

    Custom tape is crafted from eco-friendly materials - Kraft or White Paper Stock, offering a sustainable approach to make your packaging unique.



    At Supr Pack, an unwavering commitment to sustainability and the environment drives our ethos. We meticulously select sustainably sourced materials to create packaging that’s Eco-friendly, Recyclable, Compostable, FSC Certified, Acid-Free, and customized with soy-based ink, all while embodying a conscientious dedication to our planet.



    Supr Pack manufactures all its products in its facility in Asia which ensures strict compliance with quality and precise control over even the smallest of details.

    Small Batch


    Supr Pack offers small batch customizations for its eco-friendly packaging, which enables all types of businesses and industries boost their brand.



    Supr Pack is known for its quality products that are Internationally Certified, Eco-Friendly, Compostable, Durable and Water Resistant keeping your products protected.

    Live human


    Connect with us for custom design, editing, bulk order quotations & more. Just say 'Hi' and we will reply within 1 minute.

    Carbon Neutral

    free shipping

    Not just Free Shipping for all orders, Supr Pack’s new initiative towards the environment enables us to provide Carbon Neutral Shipping to its customers without any extra costs.

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