Designing Custom Embossed Stickers for Premium Packaging

Every brand desires to capture its customers’ attention. However, very few succeed in cracking a way to make their packaging look ultra luxurious. However, custom embossed stickers can add depth and create depth. It has that texture to grab attention and spark curiosity. We cannot say that the tactile effect showcases craftsmanship and quality. Whenever a customer notices a brand packaging adorned with a Custom Embossed Sticker, they get a premium touch. The technique of making a simple sticker label look luxurious is commonly known as embossing. There are two techniques:

  1. Foil Embossing - In this type, the embossing is done on colored or metallic foils. This technique makes the label look shiny and reflective surfaces. Custom eco-friendly stickers are perfect if you are one of the brands willing to glamorize the packaging. They can be easily customized to match brand colors.
  2. Blind Embossing  - This technique doesn’t allow custom blind embossed stickers to be combined with extra foils or colors. The blind embossing technique relies on raised lettering or designs without adding extra foil or color. With Custom Blind Embossed Stickers you get an elegant and subtle look for your product packaging. 
Custom Embossed Sticker

Eye-Catchy Custom Embossed Stickers & Design Considerations:

Design plays a prominent role. It is essential to consider different aspects of Custom Compostable Embossed Sticker. To make embossed stickers leave a striking message, below are the key design considerations:

  1. Color Palette - It is essential to pick a color that aligns with your brand identity. It is essential to pick colors that evoke emotions. For example, copper or gold color conveys sophistication. While on the other hand, vibrant dark colors convey excitement and energy.
  2. Font - Select fonts that match the product’s aesthetic and personality. If you select script fonts, then a touch of sophistication will be added. Meanwhile, the modern font will show confidence and strength.
  3. Layout - The overall design of the Custom Embossed Sticker needs to be given utmost attention. You should focus completely on the essential elements, such as branding details, key features, and product names. Focus on different styles, embossing techniques, fonts, and visual contrast. 

Whenever designing custom embossed stickers, always ensure that a balance between functionality and aesthetics should be maintained. You should target creating stunning stickers to excite your customers. 

Tips for Deciding Design of Custom Embossed Stickers:

There are no second thoughts on the fact that custom embossed stickers require attention to detail. It is necessary to take into consideration a few tips:

  1. Understand Customer Psychology - Take into consideration values, aspirations, and preferences. This understanding of the target audience demands decisions that resonate with customers. You can conduct focus groups to collect helpful insights. 
  2. Simplicity is Minimalist - Don’t overcrowd your Custom Embossed Stickers with unnecessary information. Choose minimalism and simplicity to create a sophisticated look. Allow the embossed effect to be the hero of the embossed sticker.
  3. Sustainability Matters - Customers have now become conscious. It is necessary to give importance to design and sustainability. Select Custom Eco-Friendly Embossed Stickers that parallel your brand’s values. So, communicate your care for Mother Earth via embossed stickers. 

Summing It Up!

Custom embossed stickers give more than an aesthetic appeal. They can become an unsung marketing hero. You can opt for a limited edition series via custom blind embossed stickers. Try gifting with a purchase for more than a certain amount. If you find it challenging to get a custom embossed sticker design on yourself, then don’t stress. Supr Pack is all around the clock to help you.