Adorn your Business with Eco-Friendly Custom Hang Tags

    Adhering to the sustainability, we are introducing eco-friendly custom hangtags which will suffice the sheer branding needs of your business and make your offering outshine!
    Our hangtags come with various advantages and features making it most sought after tool.
    Firstly, simplified customization; that is your tags can be customized easily with desired message and logo in various colors (to choose from). Secondly, it is naturally compostable which holds the core importance over the traditional tags, it consists of acid-free paper and printing is done with plant/soy-based ink. Thirdly, our exquisite tag is recyclable, comes with 300 GSM thickness and available in matte and glossy finish.  
    Above all, our Custom Printed Hang Tags come in minimum order quantity 100 pieces and an easily affordable option even for a small business. Cost-effectiveness is our top-priority and we believe in supporting small business by offering minimum order quantity.
    Revolutionize your branding experience with our hang tags and let your business soars in the sky of possibilities.
    Join us today and explore the wonders of this powerful sustainable packaging!