Embrace sustainability and safeguard your garments with Supr Pack’s durable Garment Bags.  Our plant-based bags are sturdy enough to protect your garment during transit or shipment, and ensures secure delivery. Being compostable these bags can break down easily in a composting system via micro-bacterial activity, leading to zero carbon emission.
    Our custom Garment Bags are translucent, perforated, dust-proof, compostable and waterproof. It is made up of 70-80% PBAT, which is a compostable co-polymer & 20-30% PLA, i.e., cornstarch. The thickness of the Garment Bags, i.e., 30um-40um.
    Our bags are FSC Certified and durable enough to last up to 9-12 months. Customization is another feather in cap, enhance your brand recognition by customizing your brand logo above it via soy-based ink. 
    Our bags can be used for various purposes as it is safe, damage resistant and completely water-proof. Idle for clothing industry, these bags come in six different sizes idle for packaging pair of socks or jacket. Being translucent these bags give an aesthetic appeal to the packed garments.
    These bags are re-useable as it is sturdy enough to withstand repeated use, and comes with dual adhesive, making it a cost-effective option. Re-use these versatile bags as storage bags for old clothes, soft toys etc, organizers, beach bags to carry towels or garment bags for travel to carry clothes, essentials etc., laundry bag to collect dirty clothes and take them to the laundry.
    Order a minimum of 50 Garment Bags and contribute towards sustainable future.