Epitome of reliability - Supr Pack’s eco-friendly Zip Lock Bags are extremely safe to use! This sought after sustainable packaging offering is of premium quality, curbside recyclable, re-useable, re-seable, leak proof, freezer safe, breathable and tear proof.
    Made from cornstarch and thus 100% compostable, these bags can be customized using soy-based ink. This customization aids in branding and helps brands to outshine with positioning and excellent recall among consumer. 
    With the sheer purpose of protection, this resealable bag has simplified functionality and easy to grip seal. It is completely air-tight when zip is closed ensuring full protection of product inside without spilling. These translucent bags are portable and extremely useful for organizing things, these bags are ideal for Storing Food Items, Medicines, Bakery, Skin essentials, cosmetics and much more. It can be also used as DIY small Ziplock pouch for gifting purpose.
    Moreover, these Compostable Zipper Bags can be reused as organizers or small travel pouch for carrying essentials.
    Order at least 50 custom-printed Zip-Lock Bags and contribute towards greener, sustainable future.