Add a vibrant grace with Supr Pack’s Compostable Custom Tissue Paper

    Supr Pack’s premium Custom Tissue Paper is carefully crafted to leave a lasting impression in the minds of your consumers.
    Our custom-printed tissue paper comes in wide range of colors, from light to dark. You can choose your hue according to your preference, matching to your brand identity, and customize them along with your brand logo and slogan.
    Our goal behind offering Custom Tissue Paper is to empower businesses to create their unique brand identity as customers are more loyal to authentic branded packaging.
    Our elegant printed tissue paper sheets are idle for corporate gifting, personal gifting, wrapping flowers, gifts, soaps, candles, pieces, craft items, show-piece, DIY gift bags, etc.,
    Additionally, they can also be used to wrap products inside the cardboard boxes.
    We provide a unique minimum order quantity of 100 tissue papers, to support small businesses.
    Make a difference by adhering to sustainable packaging and carving your own niche with Supr Pack personalized tissue papers.