Eco-Friendly Hex Wrapping Paper for a cherished Unboxing Experience

    Supr Pack’s compostable hex wrapping paper is meticulously designed to ease businesses with the ongoing packaging hassle they face. Also, it is the most preferred eco-friendly option over plastic bubble wrap.
    Adhering to sustainability this reliable packaging tool ensures safety of your deliverables during shipment.
    Our hex wrap comes in three colors, viz. black, brown, and white. It is best for wrapping, luxury, interiors, delicate items, ceramics, candles, glassware, cosmetics, art pieces, electronic items, homeware, etc, providing them with protective as well as aesthetic shields.
    The nature-inspired hexagonal design of hex wrap gives an attractive look to packaged products. It is simple to use and easy to tear, once wrapped, the product occupies less space than traditional bubble wrap.
    Authenticity is our top - notch priority and we leave no stone unturned in crafting our product as per standards and norms. Our Hex Wrapping Paper is FSC-certified, acid-free, and made from 100% virgin paper pulp making it a credible packaging tool! 
    Above all, our paper is naturally compostable and recyclable making it one most sought after choice for ecological packaging.