Let your brand Packaging Stand out with Eco-friendly Custom Stickers!

    Make a stunning difference in your branding and packaging by using Supr Pack’s custom compostable water-resistant stickers and labels. Our stickers are especially crafted to elevate your brand value and minimize the carbon footprint and environmental impact.
    Enjoy myriad of benefits with these eco-friendly custom printed stickers! Our stickers are available in 4 shapes i.e., Circle, Rectangle, Square, and Oval. Also, matching to your brand preference, and with the aid of soy-based ink you can easily customize them in any design, size, and shape.
    Our stickers are made up of recycled, acid free, and FSC-certified paper. Above all, our stickers are waterproof which makes it one of the thoughtful choices for branding. You can order a minimum 100 Compostable Custom Stickers and 250 labels respectively.
    These personalized stickers can be used as brand stickers, package decorative seals, loyalty program labels, brand promotion labels in events, freebies (mood busters) for internal employees etc. Differentiate your packaging with our sassy customizable stickers now!
    Adopt our sustainable packaging materials that align with your eco-conscious consumer likings, and think for a greener future ahead!