Pack with exquisite grace and sustainability with Supr Pack’s eco-friendly Stock Mailer.
    Our compostable mailers are perfect for your packaging and shipping needs and a better alternative to traditional plastic mailers. These plant-based mailers are FSC certified and both home and commercially compostable, making it a perfect choice for your businesses!
    Available in two colors, these eco-mailers are tear resistant, cost-effective, sturdy, and waterproof, thoughtfully designed for safe transit and secure delivery, delicate to less fragile items up to 5 kg can be easily packed.  
    Our shipping mailers have a shelf life of up to 12 months in the absence of moisture and sunlight, making it an idle choice to packing products such as electronic items, clothing, shoes, etc. These mailers aid in increasing the aesthetic quotient of your product with better look and feel and enhance user delight!
    Also, these mailers come with double adhesive strips, which make it reusable. And it can be reused for various purposes like book cover, shoe protector, travel laundry bag, DIY craft, beach bag or mere garbage bag.
    Order a minimum quantity of 100 mailers and facilitate sustainable shipping packaging and contribute towards greener future.