Enhance your brand value with Eco-Friendly Custom Jewelry Tags

    In Supr Pack we believe that innovation and sustainability go hand in hand and hence our product are crafted with sheer sophistication! Our Custom Jewelry
    tags are especially designed for eco-conscious business who want to elevate their brand recognition with a touch of exquisiteness! 

    Our eco-friendly Jewelry Tags are available in various printing colors, it can be crafted with any preferred or desired design or message or logo simply. It is a perfect blend of creativity and sustainability, and can be made in different sizes. These tags are eco-friendly, manufactured from recycled and water-proof paper. It comes in 250-300 GSM thickness, and available in gloss and matte finish.

    Moreover, it comes in four different hole variants and five different sizes. Custom message or logo can be printed in single or both the sides with plant/soy-based ink, making it an ideal environmentally friendly packaging material.

    Above all these Jewelry display cards with logo is home-compostable, FSC Certified and acid free. 

    Unlock your power of creativity and customize our sustainable tags and contribute towards greener future!