Custom Compostable Festive Stickers- From Pack of 50 Stickers
Custom Compostable Festive Stickers- From Pack of 50 Stickers
Custom Compostable Festive Stickers- From Pack of 50 Stickers
Custom Compostable Festive Stickers- From Pack of 50 Stickers

Custom Compostable Festive Stickers- From Pack of 50 Stickers

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Supr Pack is on a mission to enable the emerging need for Sustainable Custom Stickers for the festive season in Small Batches. MOQ-50 Branded Stickers.

Key Features:

  • Supr Customization: Customize with any design or message with any printing color.
  • Supr Design: Available in 4 distinct festive patterns: Polka dots, Green Trees, Candy Cane Stripes & Gold Flakes on Red.
  • Super Shapes: Stickers come in 4 basic shapes. 
  • Supr Material: Custom Stickers are Water-Resistant, Recyclable and made from Recycled Paper. 
  • Supr Promise: FSC Certified/Acid-Free Paper, Compostable Paper & Soy-based printing ink.
  • Supr Usage: Get your Brand Identity to stick by using Custom Christmas Stickers this Festive Season.
    • Any kind of design/pattern/logo is printable.
    • Acceptable logo file formats: PNG, PDF, AI, PSD with maximum file size of 20MB. If the design is not getting uploaded due to any technical discrepancy, kindly send on
    • For printing, kindly leave the Pantone color code in the “Order Notes” Section.
    • In Custom Tissue Paper, up to 1cm smaller/bigger size is acceptable.
    • After successfully placing the order, Supr Pack's design team will send you the final mockup for your approval. Without approval, production will not start.
    • Printing tolerance: 2-3% alignment offset is acceptable because of Small Batch production. Supr Pack sends extra stock to compensate for the adjustment.
    • Sustainability Specs


    • How to Recycle?

    Remove the Eco-friendly Stickers from any surface and drop them in Recyclable Bin.

    • Material

    Eco-friendly Stickers are made from FSC Certified, Acid-Free Paper & Recycled Paper.

    • Printing color

    Custom Stickers use Plant/Soy Based printing inks for Customizations. 

    • Free Standing Shipping for Custom Stickers will be done with in 15 working days in total (production & delivery).
    • 15 working days will be counted from the date of mock-up approval over email.
    • Read the complete Shipping Policy here

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    custom tissue paper wrapping papers compostable packaging eco-friendly packaging

    Are Custom Stickers Eco-friendly?

    Supr Pack’s Custom Stickers are 100% recyclable since they are made with FSC Certified & Acid Free Paper along with Soy-based ink.  

    What are my style options?

    Supr Pack’s Custom Stickers can be customized in any shape, design, color imaginable by you. Just present us your brand design ideas and you’ll get absolute best quality Eco-friendly Stickers at Supr Pack.

    What finish does Custom eco-friendly Stickers come with?

    With a matte-like finish, our Custom Sticker stands out. Unlike other stickers with a shiny plastic coating, these labels are 100% Recyclable.

    How to dispose off the release liners?

    Supr Pack’s Custom Stickers come with Recyclable release liners too and thus can be put in the same Recycle Bins as your stickers.

    Branding Redefined


    At Supr Pack, an unwavering commitment to sustainability and the environment drives our ethos. We meticulously select sustainably sourced materials to create packaging that’s Eco-friendly, Recyclable, Compostable, FSC Certified, Acid-Free, and customized with soy-based ink, all while embodying a conscientious dedication to our planet.



    Supr Pack manufactures all its products in its facility which ensures strict compliance with quality and precise control over even the smallest of details.



    Supr Pack offers small batch customizations for its eco-friendly packaging, which enables all types of businesses and industries boost their brand.



    Supr Pack is known for its quality products that are Internationally Certified, Eco-Friendly, Compostable, Durable and Water Resistant keeping your products protected.



    Connect with us for custom design, editing, bulk order quotations & more.



    Not just Free Shipping for all orders, Supr Pack’s new initiative towards the environment enables us to provide Carbon Neutral Shipping to its customers without any extra costs.

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