HPRT Shipping Label Printer
HPRT Printer
Shipping Label Printer
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Shipping Label Printer
Sustainable Shipping Packaging
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Sustainable Product Packaging

HPRT Shipping Label Printer

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HPRT Direct Thermal Shipping Label Printer by Supr Pack is a fully digital solution working on Paper Inhaling Technology that causes Zero-Waste and is Environment Friendly.

Key Features:

  • Direct Thermal Printing (No ink or toner required)
  • Automatic Paper Inhaling Technology
  • Up to 6 ips high speed printing with low noise
  • Compact Design, Built-in Adapter, Space Saving
  • Printer Head Intensified Coating & Durable
  • Larger size rubber roller to prevent label sticking.
  • Auto Label Detection
  • Error Reprint Technology
  • Currently shipping in USA, Canada, United Kingdoms, New Zealand and other American and European countries.

Free Standard delivery for HPRT Printer will be done within 5-8 business days.

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