Top 5 Strategies to Make Packaging More Sustainable

Consumers have now become concerned. They want to engage with those brands that are supporting sustainability. According to a survey by McKinsey & Co., 75% of millennial respondents and 66% of all respondents prefer sustainability to make a purchase. Making Earth a better place is one of the highest priorities of people. To keep customers happy, businesses can also take a step forward in reducing their carbon footprint. 

The first step to walking on a sustainable footpath can be adopting environmentally friendly packaging material. With Supr Pack, you can have other opportunities, such as packaging design, to fulfill your branding needs. 

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Strategies to Make Packaging More Sustainable 

Packaging should be an intelligent decision. Considering your Packaging’s design before any product is physically produced, you can stay ahead of the competition and become a sustainable brand online. 

  • Say goodbye to Oversized Packaging

Sometimes, we ship more air in a package along with the product. The big size of the package increases the carbon footprint, making transportation and storage less efficient. Moreover, the customers also feel frustrated. Try using Custom Mailer Boxes of the correct size, which will help you reduce procurement costs. At Supr Pack, there are 14 different sizes available with your logo printed in soy/water-based ink. The accurate package size will decrease the risk of a product getting damaged, leading to fewer returns. 

  • Choose Virtual Sampling

Businesses have revolutionized as many things have now gone digital. This shift has made it easy for Supr Pack to help clients make design decisions virtually regarding their Packaging. This way, the old-school hit-and-trial errors crossed the line. Supr Pack, from Custom Bubble Mailers to Custom Tissue Papers, helps visualize the Packaging in real time. This strategy helps reduce waste, wait time, sampling costs, and manual labor. 

  • Use Eco-friendly Hex, Wrapping Paper

Damaged products and delivery issues can dishearten customers, impacting the business’s reputation. Making the products arrive at the customers’ location as intended becomes essential. However, space around the product and the Packaging can sometimes be unavoidable. That is why making your Packaging safe during transit is critical. This can be done by using Hex Wrapping Paper to make your products in their place. 

  • Customized Packaging using Sustainable Inks

People love unboxing beautiful packages. It has become an essential part of the customer experience as this gives them a rush of excitement. It’s the first interaction where your customers would be happy to see the product, but before that, your brand name. Packaging your product in a gift style will increase their chances of becoming a repeat customer. However, you need to keep sustainability in mind. At Supr Pack, you can use eco-friendly colored tissue papers that are printed using soy-based ink. 

  • Sustainable Separated Adhesives

Recycling is the most important aspect of keeping materials in circulation and avoiding them contributing to waste. However, recycling can become easier if the bond becomes easier to separate. There is a high chance that Packaging will lead to landfills emitting dangerous gases. To solve this problem, you are advised to use recyclable, custom, eco-friendly self-adhesive tape that comes in kraft paper, which is FSC-certified.

In the End!

Choose to be the sustainable brand to grow and retain your existing customer base. Use custom packaging solutions by Supr Pack and take a step ahead in protecting Mother Earth. Another advantage of Supr Pack is that its packaging materials are reusable and entirely safe for the environment. So, what are you waiting for? Go & check the vast collection of packaging solutions today.