A warm fudge brownie and vanilla ice cream are a match made in heaven. It's impossible to beat the mix of bespoke stickers and custom tissue paper. They're eye-catching and bring a smile to everyone's face. It's a synergy between them that makes your brand appear fantastic.

 That's what we call a perfect match. Because of this, let's take a closer look at the combination of custom stickers and bespoke tissue:

 #1 Personalized Stickers

It can be expensive, especially if you're starting and trying to keep prices down. As a result, printed boxes may limit your options for designing a themed box for a specific event or holiday. 

#2 Easily Enhances Packaging

Create eye-catching and memorable marketing materials for your business with a vast selection of custom stickers in various shapes and sizes. Your stickers can withstand the rigours of shipping bags thanks to high-quality materials and printing methods.

We ship all of our stickers on flat sheets for simple storage. Label dispensers are essential if you want to use stickers in high-volume or time-sensitive eco-friendly packaging projects.

#3 Custom Tissue Paper with Your Design

You'll need to fill voids in your customer shipments most of the time. But what if you want to make the unwrapping experience as enjoyable as possible? Or, perhaps, your product is so unique that it demands materials that enhance and showcase it to the fullest extent possible?

That's when personalized tissue paper enters the picture and completely alters the course of the storey. Your logo and brand colours are imprinted on smooth sheets of paper, making it look like a work of art fit for a museum. The paper's luxurious appearance and smooth texture instantly elevate any package to the level of high-end, premium eco-friendly packaging. Your customers will be surprised and impressed by the addition of crinkling paper to your packing, no matter how you fold it or wrap it around your products.

Full-colour custom labels and high-quality custom tissue paper enhance both the unboxing experience and the value of your products, making your packaging more versatile and appealing. Consider what they can accomplish together.

 In addition to protecting the products, wrapping them in custom-printed tissue paper conveys a sense of exclusivity and sophistication. Wrapped tissue paper with a bespoke sticker to seal and fasten it is meant only for the receiver and no one else. For them, it's a special present, and the anticipation is nearly crazy and unforgettable.

If you're going to put a coloured sticker on printed tissue paper, you might as well put it in the final line of an epic love poem or a tagline in a wonderful piece of advertising.

Putting the Final Touches on it

Using the correct packaging supplies may make your business and products look and feel better. Your consumers will love the combination of personalized custom tissue paper and custom stickers, and your competitors will be envious. Supr Pack's custom eco-friendly packaging solutions include custom colour boxes to bespoke packing tape.