Custom Mailer box – The most sough after choice for sustainable and customized packaging!

    Packaging always has a vital role to play in any big or small business, in any shopping, its ultimately the package which is being delivered to customer. It is delight for customers when they unbox or opens the package to see his/her ordered product. Hence here comes the trendy custom printed mailer boxes in the picture. Right from the beginning when product is being packed in the facility/store till the product is being delivered at doorstep this mailing box is always with that product as a protective companion. This companion safeguards the product from damage and keeps product in good shape till it is reached to the end users. Mailing boxes not only gives good visual appeal to the product but its sturdiness provide resistance against any shipping damage.

    Packaging is one of the important parts of brand’s marketing plan, it is integrated in product planning, and personalization or customization in packaging is another step ahead in branding. personalized shipping boxes are great tool to elevate your brand value and visibility. Customization with Supr Pack mailing boxes comes with great ease and can be done as per client requirement.

    Custom packaging box with logo is a good way to convey brand’s information, its identity and it helps to grab customer’s attention, which may convince customer to buy the product. This kind of packaging is designed to suit your business need and every business needs a good brand credibility.

    Our custom-printed mailer boxes come in 13 different colors which really provide our customer variety to choose from.

    Supr Pack custom printed boxes comes in two varieties:

    Custom Boxes - One Side Printing for Sustainable packaging MOQ- 100!

    These boxes are single sided printable with company’s name or logo for better branding and marketing.

    Custom Boxes - Two Side Printing for Sustainable packaging, MOQ- 100!

    These boxes are double sided printable with company’s name or logo or message etc, to benefit the company facilitating proper branding.

    Above all, these boxes are curbside recyclable/compostable, sturdy, durable, water resistant, eco-friendly, and writable. They are FSC Certified, Acid-Free and eco-friendly. They can be used for variety of purposes across the industry segment be it personal care, electronics, hardware, glass manufactures, candles, art & craft, DIY & gifts, education, stationaries etc.

    Environmental packaging is setting a new trend in packaging scenario has its own boon over traditional marketing and packaging materials, it comprises of all eco-friendly, plant-based, or bio-degradable packaging materials be it mailers boxes, garment bags, craft-papers, pouches, tapes etc. These used materials when discarded, they create less wastage.

    So, as we always say whether you are an individual, small business, or large enterprise, we have packaging solutions that are both ecologically friendly and unique. To know more about our environmentally friendly packaging options, all you must do is to visit us at Supr Pack ( Our customer support team is always glad to assist you regarding our sustainable packaging and shipping offerings, we will be also pleased to hear your opinions (if any) regarding modifications or any upgrade you want in our offerings.