Top 6 Packaging Products to Add Safety & Elegance

Packaging has now taken center stage. The product packaging is not just limited to protecting the items; it is now essential to attract customers. To place your brand as reliable, investing in custom sustainable packaging is necessary. However, great packaging doesn't mean your brand logo on a nice-looking mailer box or a custom mailer bag. There are various ways to enhance the presentation of the package without investing a lot in packaging. But how is this possible? At Supr Pack, we have many packaging solutions available, including colored hex wrap paper, custom-printed sticker rolls, etc. 

A Tangible Connection with Custom Stickers:

Packaging stickers tell a lot more about your brand while serving various functions. For instance, when used for beauty products, transparent sticker rolls feature the product's product's usage. Likewise, there are a variety of custom stickers that serve different purposes. 

1. Custom Embossed Stickers 

Make your customers feel prestigious by adding a premium touch to your packaging. The custom embossed stickers give nice and classy vibes to the product. It makes the package look more luxurious. The feel and touch of the product in the customer's hands will help make a difference. 

2. Custom Compostable Sticker Rolls 

Communicate about your brand with custom compostable stickers available in a roll. A simple and stylish sticker will give your customers a little fun. Moreover, as the stickers are compostable, it will show your commitment to the environment. 

3. Custom Printed Sticker Rolls 

Add a sticker to the product by adding a name to the package. Express gratitude for the purchase they have made. You can personalize your packaging for the customers and stick a visual pun with an exciting offer to reinforce a great deal. 

4. Transparent Sticker Rolls

Give customers a chance to peek into the product, most notably on a clear transparent container. This will help the buyer see the content inside. Moreover, the Compostable Transparent Stickers are waterproof and durable. 

Sustainable Material For Packaging

At Supr Pack, we have discussed the above 4 types of custom stickers. Now, let's understand the other two main sustainable packaging products available at Supr Pack that give safety and elegance to the product. 

Stock Tissue Paper

Send your products wrapped in sophisticated elegance. The tissue papers available at Supr Pack are Acid-Free and FSC-certified. It is 17 GSM, non-coated, and translucent, available in 2 sizes. The stock tissue papers are naturally compostable and eco-friendly. Moreover, the tissue papers are printed using soy-based ink.

Colored Hex Wrap Paper

Don't use plastic sheets that can easily pollute your environment. The hex wrap papers at Supr Pack are recyclable and naturally compostable. The size of the Hex Wrap Paper is 30cm in width & 100m in length, which can easily be expanded up to 180m. The windowing effect and the honeycomb structure give expansion without causing any wastage. By using colored hex wrap paper, you can easily add a luxurious and premium finish to the customer's unboxing experience. 

The Last Lines!

Many businesses prefer eco-friendly products. Almost 61% of US customers prefer considering sustainability when making purchase decisions. If the packaging is environmentally safe, customers prefer buying more as waste can be reduced. The biggest advantage of Supr Pack is that you can order in small quantities.