Supr Pack & 7 R’s of Waste Management

Packaging is not a mere custom printed mailer box or compostable mailer. Instead, the product packaging is a brand representative. The primary function of packaging, i.e., to protect the product from getting damaged is always seen. But what about prioritizing the protection of the environment? Have you ever thought while packaging your products, you might actually collect a lot of waste for the environment? Well at Supr Pack our mission is to keep you from sending packed products to your customers. Our mission is to introduce you to compostable packaging. Trust us: compostable packaging is good for everyone, including the customers, the environment, and your brand. Moreover, with us you get custom-printed compostable packaging solutions that are manufactured with the 7 R’s of waste management in mind. 

  • Rethink 

We as a brand rethinked a lot about the waste that eCommerce companies were unknowingly collecting. That’s why Supr Pack is an outcome of our thinking process. 

  • Refuse

We first made up our minds to refuse any plastic packaging bags. We even started refusing any plastic bags every time we received them when we ordered something online for our personal use. 

  • Reduce 

At Supr Pack, we introduced small-batch customizations for all sizes of businesses. So, every business size can order the amount of packaging material they require. 

  • Reuse 

    A wide range of sustainable packaging solutions are manufactured in such a way they can easily be reused by customers. 

    • Repair 

    While packaging orders, sometimes a few things get damaged. To make the packaging look beautiful and to help repair it, we introduced  and self-adhesive tapes. 

    Custom Embossed Stickers
    • Re-gift 

    We at Supr Pack have beautiful custom-printed tissue papers that can be used to package different items. Hence, the customers can use those tissue wrapping papers to regift.

    • Recycle 

    Our custom shopping bags are crafted from recycled paper, which redefines eco-friendly packaging. Moreover, they are custom-printed in different colors along with the brand logo. 


    Supr Pack’s wide range of packaging solutions, including Eco-Friendly Custom Mailer Boxes, black custom mailers, and various other products, have positive features. Our packaging solutions are sturdy, durable, waterproof, and compostable. Moreover, they can be easily customized in different sizes and colors using soy-based printing.