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Custom roll labels
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Custom Compostable Printed Stickers Roll for Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Packaging.

LeadTime: Total 15 Working Days (Production & Delivery)
Roll Quanity
1 Roll = 1000 stickers
Regular price$195.00
Shipping Included.
Can't find your size or shape? Chat with us live or email at for your custom requirements.

Enhance customer experience by sticking Supr Pack’s custom compostable roll stickers. Get to serve the environment while focusing on brand awareness. The personalized sticker rolls can be customized using soy-based ink. With Supr Pack, you get sticker rolls available in 4 different sizes, i.e., Square, Rectangle, Oval, and Round. 

Personalized Greetings

Add a personal touch to the environmentally friendly packaging by incorporating small thank-you gestures on custom stickers.

Social Media Branding

Encourage customers to follow you on Social Media by including social media icons or QR codes on the custom stickers. 

Limited Editions

Design shipping label rolls for a set of limited edition products, fostering a sense of exclusivity for customers. 

Interactive Packaging

Includes interactive elements like QR codes leading customers to a contest.

Choose roll of stickers with logo & leverage your brand in unique styles, enhancing your customer experience.

Kindly Note - If you want the Compostable Custom Sticker Rolls to be delivered directly to the manufacturing facility in the world, kindly contact us at for a quotation.

      Supr Pack Sticky Seals & Amazing Features:

      • Compostable Stickers - The roll of personalized stickers is customized using soy-based ink, which is good for complete compostability. 
      • Brand Ambassadors - The custom sticker rolls are personalized using the brand logo & work like brand ambassadors.
      • Supr Sticky Shapes - The compostable stickers are available in 4 shapes, i.e., Rectangle, Square, Oval, and Circle but can also be customized in your preferred shape & size.
      • Earth’s Little Friends - Supr Pack’s custom stickers are FSC Certified, Water Resistant, and Compostable.
      • Paper of Goodness - The custom sticker roll printing comes of great quality and is manufactured using Acid-Free Paper. 
      • All kinds of designs are printable in one and multiple colors on custom stickers.
      • After ordering, kindly mail us an HD file (PDF, AI or PSD) along with your order number. 
      • If the preview is not showing due to any technical discrepancy, then place an order & share your design file at along with the order number.
      • After the order, the Supr Pack's design team will reach out to you with the mockup for approval. Without approval, production will not start.
      • Printing Color Disclaimer: The printing color of physical products may change from what you see on digital monitors due to the wide range of screen and browser variances. Furthermore, Due to variations in printing limitations on a sustainable material, colors may appear somewhat different.
      • Printing Alignment Disclaimer: Since products are printed by hand, minor variations in the design's placement are allowed and do not indicate a damaged product.
      • Order Suggestion: We advise you to buy the first order at the lowest MOQ.
      • Sustainability Specs

      Industrially Compostable

      • How to Recycle?

      Remove the Compostable Stickers from any surface and drop them in Industry Compost Bin.

      • Material

      Compostable Stickers are made from FSC Certified, Acid-Free Paper & Recycled Paper.

      • Printing color

      Custom Stickers use Plant/Soy Based printing inks for Customizations. 

      • Free Standard Shipping for Custom Stickers will be done with in 15 working days in total (production & delivery).
      • 15 working days will be counted from the date of mock-up approval over email.
      • Pick-up is not available.
      • Read the complete Shipping Policy here

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      Branding Redefined


      At Supr Pack, an unwavering commitment to sustainability and the environment drives our ethos. We meticulously select sustainably sourced materials to create packaging that’s Eco-friendly, Recyclable, Compostable, FSC Certified, Acid-Free, and customized with soy-based ink, all while embodying a conscientious dedication to our planet.



      Supr Pack manufactures all its products in its facility in Asia which ensures strict compliance with quality and precise control over even the smallest of details.



      Supr Pack offers small batch customizations for its eco-friendly packaging, which enables all types of businesses and industries boost their brand.



      Supr Pack is known for its quality products that are Internationally Certified, Eco-Friendly, Compostable, Durable and Water Resistant keeping your products protected.



      Connect with us for custom design, editing, bulk order quotations & more.



      Not just Free Shipping for all orders, Supr Pack’s new initiative towards the environment enables us to provide Carbon Neutral Shipping to its customers without any extra costs.

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