Nowadays, you can buy just about anything online. That's why eCommerce become so powerful. But everything is managed from packaging to shipping charges, and then retaining customers plays a huge role in successfully running an online store. The way customers' needs evolved the same way customers becoming eco-conscious came into the picture. That's why Supr Pack, looking at the need for sustainable packaging solutions, thought of catering to the brands' and customers' needs. Amongst the different packaging solutions, custom mailers are the top packaging products used by eCommerce brands to ship products. Going ahead, we will share different reasons that make Supr Pack's custom poly mailers a must-choice for your environmental packaging needs: 

#1 Make a Powerful First Impression:

Online buying is becoming more popular than traditional retail shopping. As a result, it's crucial to ensure that your clients get the same brand experience as they would in a brick-and-mortar location. Many shops prioritize branded delivery to make an excellent impression on their customers. That's why Supr Pack offers Personalized Poly Mailers using soy-based ink to send products in branded packaging while taking care of the environment. 

#2 Affordable Packaging:

Many businesses have a myth that eco-friendly packaging materials are costly. However, at Supr Pack, we sell custom mailer bags in small quantities. Moreover, compared to ordinary mailer bags, Supr Pack's custom poly mailers have a premium matte finish, are waterproof, non-transparent, reusable, and much more. 

#3 Safe Deliveries:

You may rely on bespoke packaging and Custom-Printed Poly Mailers designed to meet your exact requirements for security and protection. With Supr Pack's personalized mailers, you can rest assured that your products will arrive at their destination undamaged, as they are sturdy enough to hold up to 5kg weight.

#4 Safe for Environment:

Supr Pack's custom poly mailers with logo are 20-30% PLA and 70-80% PBAT. The Supr Pack's mailers are AS4736 Commercially Compostable and AS5810 Home Compostable. Supr Pack prefers carbon-neutral shipping with a faster lead time. 

#5 Different Variety

 At Supr Pack, a wide variety of Personalized Poly Mailers are available. With us, you can shop black, pink, warm grey, custom hex padded, and custom bubble mailers. 

The End Is in Sight!

Eco-friendly mailers enhance the image of your business. A clear vision for your brand and the planet's future shows you care for the customers. Looking at your brand's packaging, customers try to stay connected and return more frequently if you demonstrate your appreciation using custom cards telling them about the amazing offers. 

The Supr Pack has everything you need for your thrilling online business voyage, including custom mailers, tissue paper, labels, and tape.