A Mini Guide to Packaging an Order

Your beautiful and high-quality items don’t mean they are perfect to ship. They, too, require high-quality compostable packaging material. The safety and security of the product are the brand’s responsibility. This further results in a good customer experience. Some businesses rely on warehouses to pack and ship their products. But, if you have a dedicated staff member and the whole process is already decided, it results in a win-win situation. Moreover, there is a chance that the warehouses might compromise on adding a branded touch to the packaging by not adding Custom Jewelry Tags if you are an eCommerce brand selling jewelry. 

Packing an order doesn’t just mean putting the things inside a box. Instead, various steps are required to be followed. Let’s roll the eyes over the breakdown step-by-step:

  • Order Receipt 

Cross-check the customer details before the order starts processing. Make sure the shipping info and customer details are correct. There are various order processing systems available that work on automation. Using them, the processing of an order is decreased manually. 

  • Pick the Items

When it comes to picking the items for shipping, accuracy and efficiency are key. Visit the inventory storage area and gather all the items that need to be shipped. This step is crucial as it directly impacts the quality of the order. Picking lists are generated based on optimal routes and assigned to professional pickers, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process.

  • Packing Products 

Select the poly mailer bag or a box of an appropriate size so that you don’t maximize packaging waste. Further, place the items in the mailer box or a black compostable mailer. Make sure you have attached the white custom hantags to brand your business. Once you have kept everything in the package, seal and secure it with an Eco-Friendly Self Adhesive Tape

  • Labeling 

Measure the sealed packages and check their weight. Next, generate a correct shipping label with the HRPT shipping label printer. Ensure that all the necessary information, such as the recipient’s contact information, address, weight, tracking number, shipping method, and more, is included. Now, attach the printed shipping label to the package. 

Eco-Friendly Self-Adhesive Tape

How to Handle Fragile Items?

The fragile items need to be packed securely to ensure no damage happens. Ensure that the mailer box you choose should be sturdy. The box should be just one or two inches bigger than the product. This will reduce the chances of the product moving too much. To fill the space, add Hex Wrap Papers to avoid breakage. You can add stickers such as Handle with Care. On the safer side, you can add Custom Water Activated Tape to protect the inside products from water damage. 

In the End!

When a customer opens the package, their attention is undivided. That is the moment when the open rate is 100%. Opting for customized packaging can excite your brand and delight them with an amazing unboxing experience. As a business, you have the power to make this moment memorable. Include the brand colors, logo, and font to give the exterior and interior of a poly mailer and a box a professionally touched look. Add a personalized message and the customer’s data to create positive branded impressions. Lastly, you can play a crucial role in optimizing the packaging for the fastest shipping by prioritizing organization, automating manual tasks, and outsourcing the pickup & letting the pack be fulfilled.