Stock Compostable Mailers:

What is the shelf life of Supr Pack's mailers?

The shelf life of the shipping mailer bags are approximately 12 months if kept in Sealed packaging, Cool environment, Dry place & away from sunlight as per our studies & testing. As a manufacturer, the team is working hard on new technologies to increase the shelf life in future. Stay tuned for good news.

How much time will it take to degrade in a commercial/industrial compost facility?

As per our studies, it will take 45-90 days based on oxygen/temperature. 

How much time will it take to degrade in a home compost pile?           

As per our studies, it will take upto 180 days based on oxygen/temperature.

Supr Pack Mailers biodegrade in a landfill?

Properly sourced & engineered compostable materials provide a Short Carbon Cycle solution. No matter what happens to it, it will degrade back into the environment where it came from, therefore ‘Zero Long Cycle Carbon’, which is Supr Pack’s commitment & goal.

Where can I find compost facility near my area?                               

Please visit www.findacomposter.com to find the facility in your area.

What is composting, and what are the benefits of composting?

Composting is a natural breakdown of material into rich soil. Composting organic waste (yard trimmings, food waste, etc.) helps divert organic waste from landfills. When added back to land projects, compost promotes healthy plant growth, improves soil moisture retention, amends sandy/clay soils, and improves crop nutrient content.

Why composting logo is mandatory?

The composting logo is designed to address the confusion that has existed between truly compostable materials and oxo-degradable plastics by building credibility and recognition for products that meet the ASTM D6400 /En13432/AS 4736 Standards among consumers, composters, regulators, and others. It is designed to be easily recognizable and able to be placed on the actual product and packaging and sales literature. 

Bubble Mailers

How long will it take for the product to compost?

Supr Pack bubble mailer is a 100% biodegradable and compostable product. The time for the mailers to fully compost depends on the environment. Commercial or industrial compost facilities that run on the certified protocol has higher temperature for composting. Hence the Supr Pack bubble mailers biodegrade within six months.

Since home composts are dependent on external factors like humidity, temperature, and how often the mailers are turned, the time for the bubble mailers to biodegrade can be within 12 months at 30 degrees Celsius.

What is the shelf-life of bubble mailer?

Our compostable bubble mailers are designed to have a better shelf-life than most plastic bags. They can last up to 12 months when they are kept in a cool, dry environment, away from direct sunlight or heat. If the bubble mailers are kept in a climate-controlled environment, we can assure you the product won’t start composting on the shelf immediately. However, since they are biodegradable products, the polymers can weaken, and the lamination strength can deteriorate.

After composting does the bubble mailers leave any micro-plastics behind?

We at Supr Packs develop and manufacture the bubble mailers and ensure they pass through biodegradable testing. In addition, we ensure that they are made of fully biodegradable products, so no micro-plastics are left behind after biodegrading. 

Can the bubble mailers be used to ship fragile products?

The Supr Pack bubble mailers have compostable bubble wrap, ensuring enhanced protection to the items you ship. If you are unsure whether the level of protection provided by our bubble mailers is not enough, get in contact with us, and we will help you with our suggestions.

Are the bubble mailers waterproof?

Supr Pack bubble mailers are water-resistant and can protect the items from rain and water during transit, but they are not designed to be kept wet.

Cards & Tags

Is it possible to change the size of the cards?

While we do offer standard sizes for the biodegradable cards, in case you want them to be of a specific size and shape, contact us on hello@suprpack.com, and we will help you. 

How would I know the cards are compostable?

All our Supr Pack custom paper and kraft paper cards are FSC certified and paper is naturally compostable.

How long do cards take to decompose?

Super Pack's cards are made of paper or kraft paper that uses soy-based ink and are water-soluble. As a result, the cards can decompose within 45 days depending on external factors like humidity, environment, and how often they are turned in commercial facility.

What is the minimum order for the cards?

The minimum order for our custom cards for acid-free and kraft paper is 25 pieces, heavily discounted price so that anyone can invest in sampling before committing to larger quantities. 

Do you provide a sample before I can order in bulk?

Yes, we can provide you with samples of existing clients before you place an order in bulk. To avail yourself of samples of the card, please order sample kit . If you want a sample of your own design then kindly order minimum pack as it is heavily discounted and considered a min. cost run.