These suggestions are only valid for Custom Products.

Suggestions for Custom Mailers products:

  • Choose file format & upload logo in that format only with no background
  • If you want to add anything apart from your logo, please ask your designer to add that and then upload as 1 design. You can add text, website, social handles, barcode etc. Anything you upload can be printed in the frame shown on the picture basis on frame size.

Suggestions for Custom Tissue & Stickers 

  • All above suggestions (custom mailers):
  • White sticker & Tissue paper (white background): Since their background colour is white, if you upload white logo, it will not show. Requesting you to upload the colourful logo on white background
  • Instead of logo, if you want to print a design on full paper, that can be done also with max. 2 colours. Kindly upload the design, choose any colour, pattern option and share your design (PDF file) on right after placing an order and team will reply with the printable file.

If you still need design editing help, kindly place an order and contact team with your brief requirement and our design team will do those edits at no cost. After receiving your brief, we will share the edited file with in 2 business days for approval.