Fully Customised Kraft Paper Mailers With Your Size & Design
Fully Customised Kraft Paper Mailers With Your Size & Design

Fully Customised Kraft Paper Mailers With Your Size & Design

Receive entirely personalized Kraft Paper mailers to your appropriate size, the number of colors printed (max. 2), thickness, and intended use (one-time or multiple uses) with your own branding.

Our poly mailers are made from FSC-certified & Acid-Free paper & home compostable.

Share your mailer details (color, size, thickness, use) and delivery address in the 'request a quote' tab below, and we'll get back to you soon.

Minimum Order Quantity: 10,000/SKU

Lead time: 45-60 days (including production and delivery)

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With the Supr Pack, you have the advantage of dealing directly with the manufacturer, which eliminates any middleman or reseller commission, ensuring competitive pricing.

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Personalized packaging plays a pivotal role in branding, marketing, communication, and sales. It establishes a distinctive identity that resonates with customers, fostering brand loyalty. Through unique packaging, brands effectively communicate their values, setting themselves apart in a competitive market and ultimately driving sales.



Supr Pack manufactures all its products in its facility which ensures strict compliance with quality and precise control over even the smallest of details.

Small Batch


Supr Pack offers small batch customizations for its eco-friendly packaging, which enables all types of businesses and industries boost their brand.



Supr Pack is known for its quality products that are Internationally Certified, Eco-Friendly, Compostable, Durable and Water Resistant keeping your products protected.

Live Human


Connect with us for custom design, editing, bulk order quotations & more.

Carbon Neutral

Free Shipping

Not just Free Shipping for all orders, Supr Pack’s new initiative towards the environment enables us to provide Carbon Neutral Shipping to its customers without any extra costs.

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